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Huskify Appointment Booking

Huskify Appointment Booking app provide for you a good solution to selling services/products on Shopify. With the app, You can sell service by days, hours, and time slots. You can Dynamic settings service for everyday or each day, hours and time slots. App also provide Manage service orders and advance charts help you can Manage Rentals, Appointment and Revenues. You can start using app without any technical. For your customers, They can check and book your service by Book form and Calendars.

  • Dynamic settings service available for daily, hourly, or specific time slots
  • Provide calendar and Full Calendars to help customers easily book our service
  • Provide Advanced Charts help Merchants manage service orders, revenues
  • Customer Can book service with checkout or Send a Request for Quote.

Huskify Product Labels

Huskify Product Labels effortlessly highlight new arrivals, and showcase hot products by assigning and displaying customizable labels on your products. Our app automatically showcases 'Sale' labels for discounted products, grabbing customer attention instantly. What's more, it dynamically displays discount amounts—whether as numbers or percentages—providing clarity to your shoppers without any manual input. Merchants can easily upload their own labels or utilize our sample designs.

  • Display on specific pages: Home, Collection, Product page and more
  • Support Display conditions: product, collection, tag, discount and more
  • Explore sample labels and templates: Labels, Background, font and more
  • Easy personalized labels: Create Your label By Design label feature.
  • Display Discount amount as percent or number automatically